Wine gift ideas to spoil your Mom

But since time runs so fast, we might want to thank her for a symbolic gesture of affection that speaks as loud as words: a bottle of good wine to give to her can be a perfect idea. Choose a wine with a story to tell: it will not just be a lovely present for your mother, but also the start of a conversation; you can even share it while having a little chat and spend an evening together.

The Perfectionist Mom

You realize that your mom is a perfectionist – but in the sweetest way – when she has the table already set and prepared for sunday’s lunch on saturday night.
The Perfectionist Mom is often a sophisticated woman; you remember her for her rose-ish smell and for her style that doesn’t necessary fit in the latest trend but has a timeless elegance. If your mom could be a wine, she would be a classic one.

The perfect wine for her:

we suggest our Castello di Brolio 2012 Chianti Classico Docg Gran Selezione, a red wine that is very classic and elegant- just like your mom. With notes of vanilla and fruity aroma, you could really give your mom an imaginary trip to the Chianti Classico territory.

The Superhero Mom

The Superhero Mom divides herself through multiple tasks and responsibilities each and every day, but she never misses anything; a birthday celebration, a school recital, an office party: she’s always in first place and even if she does miss something (nobody’s perfect), she always knows how to make you forgive her.
The Superhero Mom is human after all, so she might feel tired sometimes, but she never shows. She certainly deserves some recognition, so why not thank her with a super wine as our Super Tuscan Casalferro, so your mom can finally experience a moment of relaxing?

The perfect wine for her:

we suggest our Casalferro 2013 Toscana IGT with its intense ruby red color. The nose is powerful with balsamic eucalyptus notes and ripe red fruit aromas. An elegant and sharp wine with soft tannins and an excellent persistent smell taste. A cru of Merlot that reflects the terroir of Brolio.
Why not organize a little surprise for your mom and let her find it in the kitchen with some nice aged cheese?

The Confidant Mom

The Confidant Mom was – and is – always there for you. She’s a forward thinker, open-minded woman. She always listens to your worries and she’s always been your sweetest accomplice when you need her to be. She can be your hardest judge but also the most passionate fan. You and your mom are not just relatives but also best friends, a white wine that is rich, fresh and fruity will be the perfect choice to share, maybe during a picnic or an outdoor brunch together.

The perfect wine for her:

we suggest our Torricella 2013 Toscana Igt, a white wine that comes from a territory known for its “reds”, but can amaze your mom with the richness of its structure, its ripe fruit taste, aromatic herbs and citrusy notes. Torricella is a great wine itself, but it’s even better if shared with your best friend.

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