It is necessary to look at these twice. There are 20 Amazing moments!

We can take photos continuously, but maybe we won’t receive the expected photo. You can be a professional photographer with abrupt equipment, but your works couldn’t impress. There is one more important thing, but sometimes it is so difficult to catch it… It is the successful moment! Sometimes only ideal coincidence of a place and time will help to make photoshoots in which reality it will be difficult to believe.

We glad to provide interesting pictures, where merge the simply matchless “here and now”.

 1. In flight.

 2. Impressing moment!

 3. It is a tower among clouds in San Francisco, but just as “Flying Dutchman” in the sky.

 4. The beauty from a flame.

 5. And, it seemed…

 6. Improbable picture: Dubai, OAЄ.

 7. Simply ideal moment.

 8. Here and a new tattoo.

 9. Times Square: bottom view.

 10. Main guest of a wedding.

 11. And it seems that it is his hand.

 12. Charming look.

 13. There are baby’s legs.

 14. Did a plane fly here?

 15. The amusing bird having a dinner.

 16. and-go-go-go!

 17. A dragon from clouds.

 18. A breakdance on water.

 19. and iridescent cat.

 20. Be carefully near fountains!

All of these means caught the moment! I needed to revise some photos few times to understand, in what an essence. I hope, and you were impressed by these pictures. Show them to the friends – maybe they will share their photo masterpieces soon!

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