These dogs are waiting for replenishment in a family too. 15 incredible touching pictures.

Dog – it is not a simple pet.

These friends are much more for us. Often they are full-fledged family members. Yes, they are not able to talk, but it does not prevent them to understand us perfectly. Besides, dogs can perfectly express their feelings without words, only one expression of the lovely muzzle is enough.

It would seem, how can know our pets, that will be replenishment in a family soon? After all, nobody told them about it. But dogs perfectly feel everything and understand.

We offer you a selection of 20 touching photos in which our friends show all range of emotions waiting for the child’s birth.

Only look at this!

Waiting for a miracle…

Soon will be with whom to play.

Is it possible to send the love differently?

It already protects rest of the child.

Is there someone same darling, as well as me?

I hear how its heart fights.

What growth will be a child?

So who will be born, the boy or the girl?

I already love!

I will double-check.

The whole range of feelings only in one silhouette.

You will be the most beautiful mother!

Let me feel how he moves.

And let everything will be good!

After viewing of these touching photos, it feels like a warm wave of tenderness pours over you.

Share this amazing feeling with the friends and acquaint them with sensual pictures of dogs and pregnant women.

Spread the love.

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