For creative brides: nonconventional wedding dresses for every taste. Beauty and creativity.

For many people, the wedding, first of all, is associated with the graceful bride soaring in a magnificent snow-white dress. But who told that the wedding dress must be only such gentle color… White color – is already last century, after all, now it is accepted to experiment the dress adding also another coloring.

In this photo selection, you will see, what unusual can be wedding dresses.

Elegant dress with an orange bottom.

For lovers of positive yellow color.

With an embroidery, the dress looks very original.

Brilliant applications will decorate any dress.

Add a flower enchanting spectacle to the dress.

Patterns are amazing.

Brightly and effectively!

How is an idea of a multi-colored hem?

Not afraid to experiment the style.

Iridescent weddings!

Each bride should look charming and unique in such dresses. Let’s try to find out, whether such nonconventional wedding dresses are pleasant to your friends, having simply shared an original photo selection.

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