4 Detox Tea Recipes for Weight Loss

Increasing tea consumption keeps you hydrated while flushing out your body’s systems. These detox tea recipes for weight loss should become your new healthy drink staples!

For the record, there is no magic tea that will help you lose weight without changing anything else in your life (diet and exercise). But here’s why and how these can come in handy…

What you put into your body DOES matter, and if you are reaching for these teas instead of coke, sweet tea, etc. you are leaps and bounds ahead of the crowd.

When you’re trying to lose weight, it’s easy to get sucked in by get-thin-quick gimmicks and products.

But there is no safe or healthy way to drop pounds without exercise and the right nutrition plan.

Along with keeping active and eating right, drinking detox teas can help you lose weight. Studies have found that detox teas can help your body enhance its natural toxin detoxification processes.

These drinks are filled with a bunch of superfood powders or other ingredients that you should feel skeptical about.

They contain a lot of the detoxifying ingredients that you’ve heard of before, including apple cider vinegar, turmeric, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, and more.

This means that you can make them inexpensively and easily from your own home!

Plus, a variety of flavors means that losing weight doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself.

From boxed teas to DIY concoctions, there’s a healthy detox tea for everyone!Try one of these five detox tea recipes and start working toward your weight loss goals.

 1.Sip a Fruity Green Detox Tea

For a refreshing and fruity tea detox, try Womanista’s Detox Green Tea recipe.With lemon, strawberries, and cucumber, it’s a fresh tea best served cool or on ice.

Combine your green tea with a slice of lemon or and strawberry and cucumber slices. Ice it down and enjoy daily for a dose of green tea detoxifying benefits.

If you’re skeptical about the health benefits of green tea, The Health Nerd has an informative video that breaks down the chemical components and benefits of green tea.

Based on The Health Nerd’s evaluation, green tea is a weight loss jump starter that composes extract supplements, teas, and matcha versions of green tea.

Brewing green tea from a teabag is the easiest way to get your daily detox fix, and adding seasonal fruit means you can change up the taste as often as you’d like.

As The Health Nerd notes, drinking green tea (or even coffee) before you work out helps aid in fat burning while you exercise. Plus, antioxidants are healthy calorie-burning ingredients.

Also, drinking green tea gives both long and short-term fat burning effects as well as reduces the risk of some common diseases.

 2.Sample a Lemon Ginger Turmeric Detox Tea

Nourish Move Love’s detox tea recipe focuses on aiding your digestion in increasing metabolism. Keeping your body systems regular helps keep toxins from building up in your bloodstream.

This 5-ingredient recipe packs digestive system boosters in the form of natural herbs and lemons. Lemon adds a shot of vitamin C and a dose of antioxidants.

Ginger, which helps relieve nausea, is an anti-inflammatory root that gives gentle relief to your stomach. Eliminating gas and bloating goes a long way in making your weight loss visible!

The addition of turmeric, cayenne, and cinnamon not only contributes deeper flavor to the tea, but these spices also contribute immune system support and additional antioxidants.

With zero milligrams of caffeine per serving, this lemon ginger turmeric blend is one you can enjoy throughout the day and at night too. Make a large concentrated batch, then dilute with hot water.

For the best flavor and antioxidant boost, use freshly ground ginger, natural cinnamon sticks, and fresh lemons. A small amount of cayenne pepper gives pep without setting your taste buds on fire!

 3.Learn the Secret Detox Drink Recipe

It’s no secret that apple cider vinegar, or ACV, is a staple in many households for its healthful properties. Enzymes and good bacteria bump up its nutritional value, and acetic acid helps lower blood pressure

Dr. Axe, renowned for his knowledge of healthy living, recommends this secret detox drink recipe for keeping your energy up while cleansing your body and burning fat.

Along with ACV, Dr. Axe recommends combining lemon juice, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper for a pre-meal tea. Cinnamon may help balance your blood sugar, and cayenne can help lower blood pressure.

Increased metabolism is another side effect of consuming cayenne pepper,making it an ideal ingredient in this detox tea. Freshly ground ginger gives the peppy drink an edge.

A teaspoon of natural sweetener enhances the flavor of the tea, but it isn’t necessary to make the drink palatable. It might take some adjusting, but mixing the drink proves tastier than straight sips of ACV.

Boosting your digestive system doesn’t have to taste bad. Most taste testers report that the flavor of this drink is relatively mild, but adjust the ingredients to suit your preferences.

 4.Boost Your Gut with a Probiotic Kombucha Brew

Kombucha packs a punch with its healthful properties. Between detoxifying enzymes and bacterial acids plus an acid known to prevent cancer, kombucha serves a host of ailments.

Glucosamines present in kombucha help prevent arthritis and treat symptoms as well. Your gut will also appreciate the probiotics in this drink since it’s grown from a nutrient-rich colony of bacteria and yeast.

Probiotics alleviate immune system issues and promote healthy digestion. They also reduce candida overgrowth by restoring balance to your internal systems and eliminating adverse symptoms.

By regularly drinking kombucha, as the probiotic tea Food Renegaderecommends, you’re delivering key nutrients to your digestive system. Vitamins, enzymes, and acids give your body a boost.

Check out their blog post, and scroll to the bottom for a downloadable tutorial on how to make a batch of kombucha tea. You can reuse the “mother” colony of bacteria and yeast to keep brewing more tea.

Add flavors to suit your preference, or combine kombucha tea with spices and fruits for digestive and taste benefits. Or, try ready-made kombucha at your local supermarket to see what flavors you like.

While homemade kombucha is VERY good for you, it is quite a hassle to make. It might be easier to grab some pre-made from the store. Just make sure to watch out for sugar content. Look for a brand with 4g of sugar or less per serving.



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